Microarray & NGS: Services and Pricing

The core offers services ranging from nucleic acid isolation or quality check to full microarray or NGS sequencing. The processing charge depends on the level of experimental need. Please contact the core director for a quote tailored to your needs.

Please, contact us about pricing for Non-Academic institutions

Premier service UA Academic Price §
RNA isolation to data acquisition Varies depending on type of array
Full service UA Academic Price §
Total RNA processing#, hyb & scan (3’IVT arrays) $350/sample
Total RNA processing#, hyb & scan (Gene ST arrays) $350/sample
Total RNA processing#, hyb & scan (Transcriptome arrays) $365/sample
Total RNA processing, hyb & scan (miRNA arrays) $240/sample

# Prices based on standard Affymetrix protocols. Contact us for pricing if you have small samples, FFPE sample or if your samples require any special processing

NextGen Sequencing services UA Academic Price §
Next Gen Sequencing Prices Adobe
Custom services UA Academic Price §
RNA isolation from tissue $60/sample
RNA nano BioAnalyzer QC (up to 12 samples) $75/chip
RNA pico BioAnalyzer QC (up to 11 samples) $75/chip
DNA high sensitivity BioAnalyzer QC (up to 11 samples/chip) $75/chip
Hybridization & scan only (previously labeled samplefor GeneChip) $100/sample
Hybridization only (previously labeled sample for slide arrays) $100/slide
Data analysis only $75/hr

§ Prices subject to change and do not include cost of GeneChip arrays.

GeneChips can be purchased from CFG or directly from Affymetrix

GeneChip Arrays should be provided by user at time of sample submission


Contact Information

Core Director

Sridar Chittur, Ph.D., M.B.A.

(518) 591-7215

[email protected]


Marcy Kuentzel, M.S.

(518) 591-7219

[email protected]


Andrew Hayden, B.S.

(518) 591-7219

[email protected]