Course Proposal Process

Forms are posted here for proposing a General Education designation for a new or existing course. If your course is already designated as a General Education course and you would like to have it considered for an additional category, we may be able to expedite the proposal and approval process. Instructors who think their course might be suitable for an additional category should email Richard Fogarty for more information. Anyone with any questions or needing assistance with the forms should contact Richard Fogarty, Associate Dean of General Education, (518) 442-3950 or

There are different General Education course proposal forms for different categories. The characteristics of the General Education program vary in their application to specific categories. Please submit the appropriate form from the list below.

If the course is in The Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, U.S. History, or International Perspectives, use this Course Proposal form:

DP-U.S.-IP Course Proposal

If the course proposal is for a course for Foreign Languages, use this Course Proposal form:

Foreign Languages Course Proposal

If the course proposal is for a course for Mathematics and Statistics, use this Course Proposal form:

Math Statistics Course Proposal

If the course proposal is for a course for Challenges for the 21st Century, required of all students matriculating in Fall 2013 and thereafter, use this Course Proposal form:

Challenges Course Proposal

All proposals must first be approved by the department or program chair and by the dean of the college or school offering the proposed course. They are then considered by the General Education Committee. The Undergraduate Bulletin language reflecting the goals and definitions of each of the General Education categories, as well as the specific learning objectives associated with approved courses (determined by focus groups of University at Albany faculty), can be found at the link  for each category on this web page.