Accommodations & Accessibility

Reasonable Accommodations

The University at Albany values diversity and the unique identities that students, staff and faculty bring to our campus. The University is committed to creating a safe, welcoming and accessible campus environment that is free from discrimination.

Our collaborative approach and inclusive community help to assure that all community members can fully take part in the array of academic, cultural and community activities available at UAlbany.

A reasonable accommodation is any reasonable change to a working or learning environment that allows an individual to enjoy equal access to benefits that are available to other individuals in the workplace, living area or learning space.

Agencies are required by law to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals, unless doing so would impose an undue hardship to the agencies.

Please contact the Office of Equity & Compliance with any questions about reasonable accommodations.

If you are seeking safety accommodations related to sexual misconduct, please visit our Resources for Victims/Survivors page for more information.

Disability Accommodations

Students and employees with disabilities are entitled equal access to programs and services.

Reasonable disability accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, using disability documentation as well as conversations with the individual student or employee.

Disability Accommodations for Students

The Disability Access and Inclusion Student Services (DAISS) supports and empowers students by cultivating an accessible and inclusive living and learning environment for the University's programs, services and activities.

This student-centered approach is facilitated by determining reasonable accommodations, assisting with the development of college survival skills, fostering self-advocacy, educating the University community, and providing information and resources for prospective students, new students, current students, faculty and staff.

Disability Accommodations for Employees

The employee disability accommodation process is a collaborative and interactive process between the staff member, the supervisor (if necessary), Human Resources and the Office of Equity & Compliance (if necessary).

Human Resources coordinates and oversees requests for reasonable accommodations for all employees, per the University’s Policy and Procedure to Request a Reasonable Accommodation for Employees.

If you have questions about this policy or would like to request reasonable accommodations, please contact UAlbany's ADA Coordinator, Merissa Mabee, at 518-437-4700 or [email protected].

Religious Accommodations

UAlbany provides reasonable religious accommodations for individuals so they can take part in employment and educational opportunities, as well as other University programs and activities.

Interfaith Services, part of the Office of Intercultural Student Engagement, supports UAlbany's commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive campus environment.

Religious Accommodations for Students

The University at Albany is committed to ensuring that every student will have the right to pursue their education while practicing their faith. Please visit the Registrar's website for information on absences due to religious observance.

Please note that students who need reasonable religious accommodations should make the request directly to their course instructor(s). Students are expected to provide sufficient notice so instructors can implement the accommodation.

Faculty members should, whenever possible, avoid scheduling examinations, papers, presentations or other assignments to be due on any major holidays. When that is unavoidable, students must be offered an equivalent make-up.

For test security purposes, if a student’s request for religious accommodations involves an alternative examination date or time, any make-up exam must be comparable in both format and difficulty to the exam given to the rest of the class.

Faculty members are highly encouraged to post all lecture notes and other materials in Blackboard for class sessions that take place during major holidays.

Religious Accommodations for Employees

Employees who need reasonable religious accommodations should make the request directly to their supervisor. Employees are expected to provide sufficient notice so supervisors can implement the accommodation.

Supervisors should, whenever possible, accommodate their employees.

If a supervisor has denied your request for a religious accommodation, or you are uncomfortable making such a request to your supervisor, please contact Human Resources to discuss your needs.

Access to Lactation Rooms

The University offers lactation rooms at the Uptown and Downtown campuses with lockable doors and equipped with a refrigerator.

Uptown Campus:

  • Fine Arts 034A

  • University Library 68

Downtown Campus:

  • Richardson Hall 291A

View a list of the future locations of additional lactation rooms.



Bathroom Accessibility

Restrooms at the University at Albany may be used by any person regardless of gender identity or expression.

See a list of single stall, gender inclusive restrooms.

Harassment, intimidation and violence will not be tolerated at the University at Albany. If you experience such treatment while attempting to use any of our facilities, please report it immediately to the Office of Equity and Compliance.