Dr. Park Donates to Pong S. Lee Memorial Fund

Seung Park

Dr. Seung Park donates $100K to Pong S. Lee Memorial Fund. Seung Park received his PhD degree in Economics at UAlbany in 1974 as a student of Prof. Pong S. Lee. Prof. Park then returned to Korea and played an important role in South Korea's economic development. Most notably, he served as the Minister of Construction (1988-1989) and as the Governor of the Bank of Korea (2002-2006). He is currently Professor Emeritus at Chung-Ang University.

The Pong S. Lee Memorial Fund is an endowment fund in honor of Professor Lee. It is used to provide support for students' professional development. Following Dr. Park’s wishes, the UAlbany Economics Department plans to use the donation to establish a lecture series in honor of Professor Pong S. Lee. Professor Lee laid the foundation of our PhD Program by his leadership as the Chair of the Department during the 1970s.