Faculty & Staff

Department Faculty
Jeff Offutt
Professor and Chair
UAB 405
Research Interests: Software testing, computer science and software engineering education, and software evolution and maintenance
Pradeep K. Atrey
Associate Professor
UAB 421
Research Interests: Multimedia data analytics with a focus on security and privacy issues in application areas such as surveillance, social media, and cloud computing
Peter A. Bloniarz
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Curriculum and pedagogic innovations, public sector information systems
Petko Bogdanov
Associate Professor
UAB 416
Research Interests: Data mining, network science, materials informatics
Ming-Ching Chang
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Computer vision, video analytics, artificial intelligence
Charalampos Chelmis
Associate Professor
UAB 424B
Research Interests: Characterization, detection, and prediction tasks on complex networks, and big data analytics for social good, with emphasis on scalable and accurate algorithms for massive, and high-dimensional datasets.
Mei-Hwa F. Chen
Associate Professor
UAB 427
Research Interests: Software testing, big data for education
Chinwe Ekenna
Assistant Professor
UAB 423
Research Interests: Robotics, algorithms, machine Learning, computational biology
Jeong-Hyon Hwang
Associate Professor
UAB 409
Research Interests: Databases, distributed systems, real-time data processing, graph analytics
Vladimir Kuperman
Professor of Practice
UAB 427
Research Interests: Information and computer technologies, computer networking, computer- based learning, mathematics for decision making and global economics
Chong Liu
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Machine learning, Bayesian optimization, bandits, active learning, experimental design, AI for materials science and drug discovery.
Xin Li
UAB 413
Research interests: Computer vision, machine learning, NeuroAI, multimodal AI, autism research, data mining
Abram Magner
Assistant Professor
UAB 431
Research Interests: Statistical and machine learning problems on graphs/complex networks; information theory; data compression; theoretical machine learning
Jackson Marques de Carvalho
Professor of Practice
UAB 441
Research Interests: Software engineering, autonomous UAV navigation, multimodal human-computer interaction and user modeling, and document processing
Amir Masoumzadeh
Associate Professor
UAB 422
Research Interests: Information security and privacy: theoretical models and mechanisms for specification and verification of access control policies; their application in online social networks; browser security; privacy-preserving data sharing and mining of complex data such as graphs; privacy-enhancing technologies in domains such as web and location-based services
Paliath Narendran
UAB 411
Research Interests: Automated reasoning, term rewriting systems, pattern matching, symbolic protocol analysis
Michael Phipps
Research Interests: Programming Languages, Compiler Design, Computer Architecture and Organization, User Interface Design, Operating Systems
Shaghayegh Sahebi
Associate Professor
UAB 425
Research Interests: Human-centered data mining and machine learning, educational data mining, recommendation and personalization systems
Qi Wang
UAB 429
Research Interests: Computer Science, software development
Mariya Zheleva
Associate Professor
UAB 418
Research Interests: Next generation mobile wireless networks, focusing on autonomous spectrum measurement and dynamic access, architectures and resource allocation in IoT-and-Traditional (IoT and T) networks, measurement infrastructures and networked system design, integration and in-situ deployment
Affiliated Faculty
Kimberly Cornell
Assistant Professor
Randy Moulic
Associate Dean for Applied Learning & Cooperative Education
DR 113C / LI 081