Ryan Thurman

Ryan Thurman

Biological Sciences

PhD, University of Arkansas

Ryan Thurman

Areas of Interest

  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Pharmaceutical Analogues
  • Protein interactions with small molecules


Ryan received his PhD from the University of Arkansas in Chemistry. In 2013 he received the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center fellowship at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. While at UNC Ryan worked in the Biochemistry and Biophysics Department researching KRAS signaling, protein dynamics and small molecule inhibitors using multi-dimensional NMR. While at UNC Ryan also taught Chemistry and Biochemistry. Ryan joined the University at Albany in January 2018 and he is teaching forensic chemistry in the MS Forensic Biology program. Ryan’s research interests are focused on investigating the toxicology and forensic chemistry of emerging pharmaceutical analogues. 


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