Accounting Office





Friday, April 19, 2019 
 State and IFR funded purchases over $25,000
 must be received by Purchasing.

Friday, May 24, 2019 
 Last day for recharges posting against 18-19
 fiscal year.  Charges made after this date will
 post to 19-20.

Friday, May 24, 2019 
 State and IFR funded purchases under $25,000
 must be received by Purchasing.

Tuesday, June 18,2019 
 Proftech (Staples): Last day to order online with 18-19

Friday, June 28, 2019 
 Grainger, VWR, Dupli, Fantastic Graphics, S&B & Science Houses:
 Last day to order online with 18-19 funds.

Friday, June 28, 2019 
 End of 2018-19 fiscal year

Monday, July 1, 2019 
 Beginning of 2019-20 fiscal year

Monday, July 1,2019  - Friday, July 5,2019 (estimate) 
 Systems will be unavailable

Friday, July 19, 2019 
 Last day to request PSR & TS expenditure journal transfers
 between accounts.  Requests should be sent to Budget.
Monday, July 29,2019 
 Last day to transfer OTPS expenditures between accounts.
 Requests should be sent to Accounting.
 Last day to transfer TS/OTPS allocation between accounts.
 Requests should be sent to Accounting.

Accounting must receive all items (invoices and AP-102's)
necessary to process voucher payments and guarantee
payment out of 18-19 funds

Friday, August 9,2019 
 Purchase orders & Contracts against all accounts will be disencumbered


Please note ACCOUNTS PAYABLE area of Accounting has now moved to MSC 309.  For assistance, please call Jeanne Heiserman @ 518-437-3826 (questions re: NYS Travel VOUCHERS, purchase orders, checks and payments).  Purchase Requisition & Contract questions should be directed to Tina Lounello @ 518-437-3884. 


Effective January 1, 2019 the new mileage rate will be $ .58  per mile driven.

(old rate was 54.5 cents per mile driven 1/1/18 - 12/31/18)


Non-Essential Travel to North Carolina and Mississippi
As you may have already read in the local media, in reaction to certain legislation enacted by the states of North Carolina and Mississippi, Governor Cuomo has issued Executive Orders 155 and 156 banning all non-essential travel to North Carolina and Mississippi. This travel ban applies to all travel funded by the University, state or Research Foundation, included travel funded from state IFR or Research Foundation multiple sponsor accounts or by another New York State agency. Travel through an airport located in North Carolina or Mississippi to a final destination outside of North Carolina and Mississippi is allowed so long as there is no overnight layover in North Carolina and Mississippi. However, when possible and cost effective, travelers should avoid making airline connections through a North Carolina or Mississippi airport.

In order to comply with this Executive Order, please do not schedule, make deposits, or incur any expenses related to travel to North Carolina or Mississippi at this time.

For state funded travel questions about this policy, please email:

David F. Mason
Controller’s Office

For Research Foundation funded travel please e-mail:

Jerry Gauriloff
Associate Director
Office of Sponsored Program Administration

Please share this e-mail with all individuals involved with University or Research Foundation travel at UAlbany and thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. Further updates on the status of Executive Orders 155 and 156 will be shared as they are issued.

View the complete updated Executive Orders:

Order 155
Order 156


David F. Mason

Paula Kaloyeros
Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs Administration

Canada Entry Requirements Update

Beginning on 15 March 2016, entry requirements into Canada will change. Citizens from countries other than the USA, who do not require a visa to enter Canada, will need to apply for, and receive an electronic travel authorization (ETA) prior to arrival. There is a cost of CAD $7 to register, and the ETA will be valid for 5 years, or until the expiration date of the registered passport, whichever comes first.