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What is ROTC?

Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is first and foremost a commissioning program. ROTC is the Army's largest source of officers, resulting in more commissions than either West Point or Officer Candidate School.

ROTC has produced well known and respected officers such as General Colin Powell, General Peter Schoomaker and General George Casey. Students who successfully complete ROTC enter the Army as 2nd Lieutenants and immediately serve as leaders in a variety of assignments. They can serve on either active duty, meaning the Army is their full-time career, or they may serve part time in either the Army Reserve or Army National Guard, while simultaneously pursuing a civilian profession.

Secondly, Army ROTC is a college elective. Any student may take the first 2 years of Army ROTC courses without any obligation to serve in the Army. In class you'll learn things like basic leadership skills, confidence, team building, Army history and traditions, and basic Soldier skills such as land navigation and battle drills.

Whether you decide to take ROTC to pursue a commission as an officer or to simply take an interesting elective, Army ROTC is "the smartest college course you can take." The experience you'll have in Army ROTC will give you the confidence needed to succeed in college and beyond. Furthermore, you'll be a member of a team and immediately enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of other students just like you.