Fall 2019 Writing Contest


Personal Inquiry

Winner: “Black Girl Identified,” by Milani Hendrickson

Finalist: “Thank You, Bloodborne,” by Thomas Cantrell

Finalist: “I Couldn't Even Decide on a Title,” by Caitlyn Zon


Winner: “An Analysis of the Research on Prevalence and Perpetuation of Emotional Abuse in Relationships,” by Olivia Thomas

Finalist: “Vaccines and the Return of Measles,” by Barbara Boutin

Finalist: “How Personal Experience Can Alter Perception,” by Ashley Perry


Winner: “Immigration in the Long Run: A Mutually Beneficial Process,” by Thu Hoang

Finalist: “Defying Traditions of the Epistolary Form,” by Ashley Perry

Finalist: “The Relationship Between Anxiety and Eating Disorders: Finding the Connection,” by Caitlyn Zon