Juliette Gutmann

Degrees: D.A. (Doctor of Arts) in English, University at Albany

Brief Bio: Dr. Juliette Gutmann joins the new Writing and Critical Inquiry Program in Undergraduate Education as a full-time lecturer from her former position at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the Department of Communication and Media, where she directed First Year Studies, an Interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Sciences program for first year students. While team-teaching interdisciplinary courses in first-year composition and ecological economics, she developed and taught courses in creative writing (poetry, short story and creative nonfiction). Her teaching and research interests include: creative writing, first year teaching and learning, excellence in undergraduate education, literature, and eastern religions. Poet and memoirist, she has taught English as a Second Language at the University of Florence and the European University in Florence, Italy. She is currently at work on a poetry chapbook, Sepia & Wool, which explores “interstitial mode(s) of identity between languages and cultures, between genders and categorizations” [where] “a certain listening becomes possible.” -- Stefania Pandolfo, Impasse of the Angels, http://barzakh.net/site/about.