Benefits of WCI

The Program in Writing and Critical Inquiry is unique to the University at Albany.

WCI provides students with a learning support system that is critical to their success and that is unique to our University. WCI represents UAlbany’s serious commitment to supporting first-year writing and student success. WCI gives UAlbany students a significant advantage in their college classes because we teach essential, fundamental skills for thinking critically and writing effectively. Students who engage genuinely and diligently in the required work in WCI will see immediate and long-term benefits as a result of their efforts.

WCI will give you the following advantages:

WCI will help you make the transition into college-level coursework.

We’ll teach you how to understand and succeed with the types of writing, reading, and thinking activities that you’ll be asked to do in college.

WCI will help you succeed in all of your other classes.

We help you develop essential thinking and communication skills that professors from many different academic disciplines will expect of you.

We cap our classes at 19 students.

We limit the size of our classes so that each WCI student will receive consistent one-on-one attention from his or her instructor. Our small classes enable our expert faculty to tailor their instruction to your needs as a student.

We are a faculty of full-time experts in writing instruction.

As a teaching community, we are dedicated to offering you personal instruction and support during your WCI seminar and as you move on to your other classes. As an experienced group of expert instructors, we bring a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise to our teaching so that WCI courses provide you with rich opportunities for learning.

WCI will enrich your first-year experience.

Only first-year students take WCI. That means that WCI is a community-building environment. You’ll get to know your classmates well as you work together in and out of class to complete coursework and acclimate to college life.