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The Fall 2017 WCI Peer Mentors   


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What is the WCI Peer Mentor Program?

The Writing and Critical Inquiry Peer Mentor Program offers students an opportunity to develop leadership skills, help first-year students become successful writers, work closely with WCI faculty, and refine their own writing ability. WCI Peer Mentors become part of a lively community of WCI students and faculty.

What do WCI Peer Mentors do?

A Peer Mentor, an experienced student who has already completed UUNI 110, helps first-year students in UUNI 110 adjust to the academic expectations of university coursework—more specifically to the expectations for college-level writing, research, reading, and inquiry. A Peer Mentor is able to share his/her own experiences in making this adjustment from high school to college to help current first-year students be successful in navigating the academic challenges they encounter. Peer Mentors also work closely with a designated WCI instructor in order to gain a greater understanding of the importance of peer mentorship and the writing process. Below is a list of some of the specific ways WCI Peer Mentors might participate in the program:

1. Attend all classes of one section of WCI on a regular basis.
2. Observe classroom dynamics and take notes to share with the professor.
3. Support student collaboration.
4. Design activities regarding stages and aspects of the reading and writing process.
5. Create a presence on Blackboard (blog, discussion board, prompt, etc.).
6. Read student responses / discussion board postings and provide group feedback.
7. Help with library research.
8. Facilitate class discussions. 



Who is eligible to be a WCI Peer Mentor?

To be selected for the WCI Peer Mentor Program, students must have succesfully completed UUNI 110, have an overall GPA of 3.3 or better, and be recommended by their UUNI 110 instructor. Students should also have a genuine interest in developing leadership skills, becoming role models for new students, and learning more about the writing process.

Students who are selected for the program will enroll in UUNI 350, a three-credit course for peer educators, in the fall semester. Once enrolled in UUNI 350, students will attend this class approximately six times during the semester and participate online in Blackboard. Students will also spend approximately five hours each week engaged in various activities within the WCI program.

Peer Mentors Nate Clark and Jared Baldizon at the Undergraduate Education Academic Peer Educator Symposium, September 2017

Why be a WCI Peer Mentor?

Below, you will find testimony from former / current peer mentors about their experiences.

As a peer mentor I would like to inspire the students to see we can create a small community within this very populated university so that there is no hesitation or no shame in reaching out for academic assistance if needed.--Nana Bonah, 2014-2016

It’s a great way for students to get involved on campus….This can be a great start to their student involvement and creating relationships with other students and professors. --Melissa Grandison, 2014-2016

By talking and conferencing with students, I’ve learned as a writer to better express my thoughts into clear ideas. It has become easier for me to say what I’m thinking. I think a lot of students struggle with that as beginning writers – they usually have really good ideas but developing those ideas into a direct and understandable essay usually poses a problem. I think, at least I hope, that after a successful conference in which I get my point across clearly, the student’s thoughts are no longer convoluted and, in turn, he or she is more likely to develop his or her essay the way it was intended. --Alexandra Nash, 2014-2015

How do I apply?

Download application form: Please click on the following link to upload your completed application essay and fill out a brief application form:  https://forms.office.com/r/kwVHPuivZB

Application Deadline for Fall 2023: March 31st, 2023. 

Fall 2017 WCI Peer Mentors hard at work in UUNI 350: Introduction to Academic Peer Writing Mentoring