Department of Educational Theory and Practice

Chair: Alandeom Oliveira

Department of Educational Theory and Practice prepares educational practitioners and researchers with specialties in Language and Literacy, Instructional Design and Technology, Mathematics and Science education, Teaching and Learning, and Curriculum and Instruction.

Combined Bachelor's/Master's in Secondary Education

The Department of Educational Theory and Practice also offers combined bachelor’s/master’s for the following majors in the College of Arts and Sciences and master’s in secondary education:

B.S. Atmospheric Science /M.S. Secondary Education Earth Science
B.A. Biology/M.S. Secondary Education Biology
B.S. Biology/MS Secondary Education Biology
B.A. Chemistry/M.S. Secondary Education Chemistry
B.S. Chemistry/M.S. Secondary Education Chemistry
B.A. English/M.S. Secondary Education English
B.A. History/M.S. Secondary Education History
B.A. Math/M.S. Secondary Education Math
B.S. Math/M.S. Secondary Education Math

Admission Requirements:

• Junior or Senior Status
• Minimum GPA: 3.0 overall and in the major
• GRE / Praxis exams
• Recommendations from two professors, and one other (e.g. former teacher, mentor, employer, religious leader)
• Statement of goals
• Three credits or one semester of a language other than English (LOTE) or the equivalent
• Evidence of effective social skills for working in secondary school classrooms and commitment to the subject area and teaching adolescents
• Interview by invitation only for those that are qualified