For Students

CURCE encourages students to explore the various ways they can become involved in research, scholarship, and creative activities at the University at Albany.

Whether it is through courses, within your academic department, or through one of the numerous research centers, institutes or labs at the University at Albany, you can engage in experiential learning opportunities that have a lasting impact on your success in and out of the classroom.

Below you will find information to help you explore opportunities at the University at Albany    


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Please note: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, opportunities are currently limited to matriculated University at Albany Students

Step 1: Check out the 'Get Involved' page

Step 2: Students should first Explore Opportunities by Topic and Explore Opportunities by Academic Department. BONUS, join the CURCE Blackboard Community Page to learn more  Research Opportunities available to UAlbany matriculated students for Fall 2021!

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Step 4: Learn more about Student Resources available at UAlbany

Step 5: Check out the Student Awards and Funding page to apply for funding through CURCE, your department, and external sources.

Step 6: Submit your abstract  to present at the Annual CURCE Conference.  General information can be found on the CURCE Conference page.