Information for Faculty & Staff


Recommended Syllabus Language 

All students benefit from tutoring and other academic services but not all students may know what free services are available to them.  

We encourage instructors to include the following message in their syllabi: 

UAlbany students can visit the Tutoring & Academic Services website ( to review all the free tutoring and academic resources available on campus. 

The Tutoring & Academic Services website includes instructions on how to: 

  • Access tutoring from trained peers who have successfully taken the same courses 

  • Access online tutoring

  • Connect with other students in the same class to form study groups 

  • Watch on-demand and live study skills workshops 

I encourage you to take advantage of UAlbany’s free tutoring services to help you excel in this class and your other courses. 



University Tutoring

University Tutoring offers peer tutoring for undergraduate students enrolled in a specific set of courses. Learn more about University Tutoring.

If you have questions about University Tutoring, please contact the University Tutoring Coordinator

Request a Class Visit from University Tutoring

The University Tutoring staff is available to give or help prepare a 10-minute presentation on available services, tailored for your class, upon request.  

To request a class visit, please contact the University Tutoring Coordinator.

Refer Students to University Tutoring

We encourage instructors to refer any students who would benefit from tutoring, especially those who are struggling in the course.  

Any undergraduate student can make an University Tutoring appointment.

Recommend Students for University Tutor Positions

If you think your student would be an excellent addition to our team of peer tutors, we gladly accept faculty and staff recommendations — especially in subject areas where we currently don’t have peer tutors. 

Additionally, all tutor applicants are required to submit at least one recommendation letter as part of their application. Learn more about the tutor application process on the Become a Tutor page

Either way, please email all recommendations to the University Tutoring Coordinator.

Center for Achievement, Retention & Student Success (Science Tutoring)

Center for Achievement, Retention & Student Success (CARSS) tutors work with groups of intended and declared science majors to improve undergraduate students’ understanding and application of introductory course concepts. Learn more about CARSS tutoring.  

If you have questions about CARSS or would like to schedule a consultation to learn more about our services, please contact the CARSS Program Coordinator

Request CARSS Tutoring for Your Course Section

CARSS provides tutoring associated with first- and second-year biology, chemistry and physics courses. 

Across all demographics, students who participate in CARSS enjoy higher pass rates in their science courses and have higher graduate rates than students who didn’t participate.  

Please contact the CARSS Program Coordinator to request tutoring services for your course section.

Give CARSS Tutors Access to Course Information

If CARSS tutoring will be offered for your course, you must email your course syllabus to the CARSS Program Coordinator before the semester begins. 

Our coordinator will tell you the name(s) of the tutor(s) assigned to your course section(s), as well as their email address(es), Albany ID(s) and Net ID(s).  

Please add each tutor to the appropriate course section’s Brightspace. These resources may help: 

Request a Class Visit from CARSS

If CARSS tutoring will be offered for your course, we encourage you to recommend the service to your students by including information in your syllabus and/or inviting us to give a five-minute presentation to your class. 

Note: CARSS respects students’ privacy. If they grant us the right to share their information with others, we will send you a brief report on how often they have attended tutoring sessions for your course and what concepts the sessions covered. 

Please contact the CARSS Program Coordinator to request a class visit. 

Recommend Students for CARSS Tutor Positions

As the course instructor, you are best suited to speak on your students’ knowledge base. You also may have gained insight into their character and their ability to work with others while teaching them. 

This is why CARSS requires all tutor applicants to submit at least one recommendation from a UAlbany instructor. The instructor(s) must have taught the applicant in the course(s) they intend to tutor, and they must submit one recommendation per intended course. 

If a student has asked you to recommend them for a CARSS tutor position, please complete the CARSS Tutor Recommendation Form.

Learn more about the CARSS tutor application process on the Become a Tutor page.

Writing Center 

The Writing Center offers peer conferencing and writing support to all UAlbany students, faculty, and staff. Learn more about the Writing Center.

We also offer expertise to instructors looking to talk about teaching writing courses and/or designing writing assignments.  

Contact us at [email protected] or 518-442-4061 to schedule a consultation or to ask a question. 

Refer Students to the Writing Center

Tutors can’t correct grammatical or style errors, for both ethical and practical reasons. Instead, tutors engage the whole writer and their writing process during hour-long, one-on-one sessions.  

Writing Center peer tutorials are writer-centered and process-based. This means they are most productive when voluntary. We encourage you to learn more about our process-centered approach before you refer students to the Writing Center. 

Peer tutors are not allowed to contact instructors directly about sessions. If you assign extra credit when students participate in a writing conference, please ask the student to write a short summary reporting on their experience. This method reinforces reflection and writing practice. 

Additionally, please advise students that, while we offer walk-in services, Writing Center appointments are highly recommended.