University Tutoring

Peer tutors for University Tutoring work one-on-one with students enrolled in a diverse range of courses. Learn more about University Tutoring.

If you have questions about our peer tutor positions, please contact the University Tutoring Coordinator

Eligibility for University Tutoring Positions

To be eligible to apply, you must be a current UAlbany undergraduate student in good academic standing. Note: If selected, you must remain in good academic standing to keep the position. 

You must also have earned an A or A-minus in the course you will tutor. Note: In certain circumstances, we will accept a B-plus. 

If you took the course at another institution, the credits for that course must have successfully transferred to UAlbany. 

We also accept applications from native language speakers who want to tutor language courses.

Apply to be an University Tutor

To apply, you must complete the University Tutoring Tutor Application

The application will ask you to list the email address of a faculty or staff member who is familiar with your academic achievements, such as an instructor, advisor or coach. 

Once you submit the application, the faculty or staff member will receive instructions via email for sending in a recommendation letter on your behalf. We suggest that you: 

  • Ask a potential recommender if they are willing to write a letter before listing their name on the application

  • Email your recommender after you submit the application to ensure they received instructions to send in their letter 

If we are looking for tutors in your subject/course area, we will follow up with you via email to schedule an interview. 


Applications are accepted year-round. However, if you want to tutor for a specific semester, please apply in the first half of the semester before the intended semester. 

Students looking to start tutoring in the fall are interviewed from mid-March to late April. Students looking to start tutoring in the spring are interviewed from mid-October to late November. 


If selected for a position, you will be required to enroll in and complete UUNI 350, a one-credit course, during your first semester as a tutor. Register for classes. 

A student writes in a notebook that contains STEM notes and equations.


Center for Achievement, Retention & Student Success (Science Tutoring)

Center for Achievement, Retention & Student Success (CARSS) tutors work with students enrolled in first- and second-year science courses. Learn more about CARSS tutoring.

If you have questions about CARSS tutoring positions, please contact the CARSS Program Coordinator

Job Description for CARSS Tutors

CARSS tutors are expected to: 

  • Review and discuss course material, while integrating effective study and learning strategies, during tutoring sessions 

  • Meet with the course instructor to discuss their role as a tutor 

  • Be punctual and prepared for all scheduled tutoring sessions 

  • Complete and submit all required paperwork 

  • Attend mandatory staff meetings and supplemental training sessions 

Tutors should be responsible, dependable and mature, as well as friendly, patient and sensitive to the needs of a diverse student population. Tutors are not graders or teaching assistants. 

Clients are UAlbany students with declared or intended science majors who are enrolled in first- and second-year science courses and have signed up for supplemental instruction and study sessions. Clients do not pay a fee.  

Since CARSS services are based on student need and tutor availability, tutors are not guaranteed a set number of hours. 

Tutors are hired as temporary, hourly employees on an as needed basis and are not considered permanent employees of the University at Albany. Failure to comply with employment expectations may result in termination. 

Apply to be a CARSS Tutor

To be eligible to apply, you must: 

  • Be a current UAlbany undergraduate student

  • Have earned a B-plus or better grade at UAlbany in the course(s) to be tutored 

  • Maintain an overall 3.0 grade point average 

  • Demonstrate the ability to quickly establish rapport and communicate well with students 

To apply, please follow these instructions: 

Step 1: You must submit a CARSS Tutor Application Form.

Step 2: You must have at least one UAlbany instructor submit a CARSS Tutor Recommendation Form. The instructor(s) must have taught you in the course(s) you intend to tutor, and you must submit one recommendation per intended course. 

Step 3: Once both forms have been received by CARSS, staff will provide you with the permission number you’ll need to register for UUNI 498. Register for classes.

This three-credit tutor training course is required to become a CARSS tutor and has Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading. 

During the course, you will learn techniques for facilitating both group and individual tutoring sessions for science foundation courses. You will also participate in monitored tutoring sessions throughout the semester. 

Step 4: After you’ve successfully completed UUNI 498, you will be invited to complete an interview with CARSS staff. This is the last stage of the application process. 

Expectations for CARSS Tutors

Punctuality & Absences: Tutors who anticipate being late to or absent from a scheduled session must call the CARSS office (518-437-4442) as soon as possible. Failure to provide notice may result in termination. 

Paid Time: Tutors are paid for actual work time, up to 10 hours per week. In addition, tutors are paid for time spent at all staff meetings. 

Record Keeping: Tutors must record the names of students who attend each tutoring session to ensure the program can analyze a complete dataset and to ensure each student can submit feedback. 

Problems & Conflicts: Tutors who experience any difficulties are encouraged to work with CARSS staff to find an appropriate solution. 


Tutors must conduct themselves in a professional manner and be aware of their style of communication, language and behavior. Failure to treat all students and staff with dignity and respect may result in termination. 

Tutors are not held to a dress code, but they are expected to dress appropriately for the position. Personal hygiene is important, as tutors work in close quarters. 

Office Benefits

Tutors may use the Center’s space when it is open — providing them with a quiet study area when needed. If a tutor intends to use the Center outside its normal operating hours, tutors must email the CARSS Program Coordinator with the hours that they intend to use the space and how many others will be with them. 

Tutors must leave CARSS office space in good condition. Please clean off the boards, return chairs and dispose of any garbage. 

Two students sit together at a table with laptops open in front of them. One student smiles and looks on as the other student gestures and talks.


Writing Center

Writing Center tutors deepen their writing expertise, gain direct teaching experience and benefit from training and practice in advanced research methods. Learn more about the Writing Center. 

If you have questions about Writing Center tutor positions, please contact us at [email protected] or 518-442-4061

Apply to be a Writing Center Tutor as an Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate peer tutors are paid hourly as student assistants.

Prospective peer tutors must complete AENG 360Y, which is offered each spring semester.

The three-credit course introduces students to methods and theories of writing instruction and process, while preparing them to work as Writing Center tutors. 

Contact the course instructor for the permission number before you register for classes. 

Transfer students with previous writing tutor experience can waive the prerequisite course by supplying a supervisor’s reference.  

After completing the course, students who choose to apply for a peer tutor position will be asked to: 

  • Submit a resume and statement of tutoring philosophy 

  • Complete an interview with our Director and Assistant Directors at the end of the spring semester. 

Hiring decisions are typically made after the end of the spring semester.

Apply to be a Writing Center Tutor as a Graduate Student

Graduate teaching assistants are appointed via the Department of English’s graduate program. Contact the department.