Clubs and Student Organizations

At UAlbany, there are a multitude of options for meeting like-minded students who share a passion or common interest in politics, sports, religion, or culture. The Student Association at UAlbany is the recognized undergraduate student government, and helps organize concerts, comedy shows and multicultural and gender program. It helps fund more than 200 student groups, and as well as manage Camp Dippikill, the University's very own Adirondack retreat.

Students also have a number of ways to get involved in volunteer opportunities. Learn more through the University's MyInvolvement portal, where you can find pathways to success by volunteering in the community through outreach programs or the office student involvement and leadership.

For more about student happenings on campus, check out UAlbanyGo. Learn more about UAlbany's Spirit, including the student fan club the DANEger Zone, and the Spirit Street Team.

Three male students eating ice cream