Frequently Asked Questions


[+] What services do you provide?

[+] I am having a problem getting along with my roommate. What should I do?

[+] What does it mean to be “referred”?

[+] If I am referred, how will my case be resolved?

[+] I would like to refer someone. What should I do?

[+] I was involved in an incident off campus, so why am I being referred?

[+] What if I am found in-violation of a code? What could happen? Will a notation be placed on my transcript?

[+] I have been placed on Disciplinary Probation through my graduation. Is there any way to have this probation reduced in length?

[+] Will my parents be notified?

[+] Are parents or attorneys permitted to attend hearings?

[+] I need a lawyer. Can you help?

[+] My court case was thrown out. Why am I still being referred?

[+] How can I get involved?