Good Samaritan 911 Policy 

If someone needs immediate medical attention, anyone who calls for help and anyone who receives emergency medical care is not subject to disciplinary sanctions for any violations related to alcohol or drugs.  

This policy applies to students and student organizations, and to emergencies on campus and off campus. 

In an emergency, please call 911 and stay with the person who needs medical attention until help arrives. If you’re on campus, dial 518-442-3131 to speak with dispatchers for the University Police Department and Five Quad Volunteer Ambulance Service

The health and safety of all UAlbany students is our priority. This policy empowers bystanders to respond to potentially dangerous situations without fear of reprisal. It supports the students who act responsibly and the students who need help. 

Campus community members should know the following:

  • Sexual violence support and advocacy is available to all students. Students reporting sexual misconduct won’t be sanctioned for drinking and/or using drugs — voluntarily or involuntarily — at the time of the incident.  

  • Students can use this policy more than once. However, repeated incidents will cause a higher level of concern for a student’s well-being. In those cases, staff will follow up on each individual situation and use their professional judgement regarding amnesty. 

  • The University may contact a student’s parents if the student is under 21 years of age and there is evidence of risk to their health, welfare or safety — such as being taken to the hospital after using alcohol or drugs. 

  • UAlbany may record the names of students involved so staff can follow up on the students’ well-being after the incident. 

  • A student protected under this policy may be referred to STEPS, a mandatory intervention program offered by Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

  • University Police officers are trained in CPR administration, Narcan/Naloxone usage and crisis response. Know the signs of alcohol poisoningopioid overdose and suicide risk

  • UAlbany offers free recovery resources, including counseling and weekly meetings, to all students through CAPS and the Collegiate Recovery Program. You can also access online resources related to alcohol and drugs.

Questions? Please contact Community Standards at 518-442-5501 or [email protected].