Freshman Seminars

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We have two options in our Freshman Seminar Program. UFSP 100 is a 1-credit class on an interesting topic with transitional topics and support woven into the class.  UUNI 100 is a 3-credit class that is explicitly about the skills needed for a successful transition to college.

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UFSP 100: Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminars are small in size, offering first-year students the opportunity for personal interaction with a faculty member.  While exploring the chosen topic, students will also be introduced to the academic expectations, intellectual challenges, and personal opportunities available to them as learners.  Work with your advisor to choose the option that is right for you!

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UFSP 102: Living-Learning Community Freshman Seminar

Living-Learning Communities include a freshman seminar.  UFSP 102 is a 1-credit, freshman seminar on a topic related to the L-LC theme and connected to the L-LC experience.

UUNI 100: The Freshman Year Experience

The purpose of this course is to help you become a more effective student. This course will focus on the academic skills you need to be a successful student (like time management and study skills) and you will learn about the college experience - experiences unique to first year students, transitional stages that you may undergo, and coping strategies that can help you pass through this phase of college life.  You will learn how to use and locate important campus resources. You will learn about who you are and how that information helps you choose a major and a career.

Students choose their First Year Experience option (L-LC, Freshman Seminar) when they submit their orientation form.