Three students are seen in profile interacting during class Three students are seen in profile interacting during class

The Honors College

Achieving excellence. Building community. Inspiring engagement.

The University at Albany Honors College is a supportive community of students, faculty and staff on a shared pathway toward new understanding and meaningful contribution. It provides students with the opportunities and resources that will help them to challenge themselves and succeed.

In the Honors College, we understand that a key component of meaningful learning is conversation and that the best conversations happen when people feel comfortable sharing their diverse perspectives. We value and welcome differences within our community and recognize that these are our strengths.

By learning together and supporting one another in our achievements, we build opportunities for students to take an active role in their education and to make their own contribution in the world.


The Honors College Academic Model 

The Honors College is a student-centered program open to undergraduate students from all majors. It empowers students to make their own curiosity a driving force in their learning and to find answers to the questions that are important to them.

Honors College students work together in small interdisciplinary seminar courses to develop their reasoning and analytical skills, and they build expertise in a field through advanced courses in their majors.

In their final year, Honors College students work with a faculty mentor to develop a unique project that will allow them to make a meaningful contribution to their world.


Benefits of the Honors College 

The Honors College is, first and foremost, a community. Honors College community members support each other in their academic efforts and in their personal lives. The Honors College Community offers:

  • Smaller courses with unique, engaging topics taught by outstanding professors  
  • Research opportunities, funding and faculty mentorship  
  • Empowered student leadership
  • Weekly academic, cultural and social events
  • Priority class and housing registration each semester
  • Access to Honors Advisors, an Honors-specific Librarian and Honors Peer Mentors  
  • On-campus Honors housing and Honors-specific classes 


The Honors College at the University at Albany
The Honors College
Catskill 113

1400 Washington Avenue
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