Peer Educators

Would you like to have excellent, undergraduate students help in academic settings? The Peer Educator program teaches outstanding undergraduates, selected by faculty and staff, to be Peer Educators. Students earn up to six credits (EAPS 456 and EAPS 457) while learning how to be effective peer educators, and in the process earn the opportunity to assist faculty members in courses, with tutoring, and with mentoring.

Peer Educator Flyer

Course Description:

EAPS 456 and 457 are 3-credit classes designed to support education, learning, and practice in a variety of peer education settings. Learning outcomes include:

  • In depth knowledge of a particular subject matter or discipline through teaching, tutoring, and mentoring.
  • Knowledge of the research, roles, ethics, professionalism and challenges of peer education.
  • Knowledge and practice of peer education in higher educational settings.
  • Knowledge of higher educational issues of student persistence, student success, new student transitions, higher education demographics and challenges.
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills for interacting with undergraduate students in a variety of peer educator settings

Course pre- and co-requisites:

EAPS 456 is designed for excellent undergraduate students to support teaching, tutoring and mentoring in academic and support offices at UAlbany. Students should have a 3.3 GPA in the relevant academic area or prior course work (unless home department or office specifies otherwise), be in good standing, and must meet other criteria from their home department as deemed appropriate. Students must be endorsed by their home department and must have a peer educator placement in that home department while enrolled in EAPS 456. Students will need to complete EAPS 456 before enrolling in 457.

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