Meet Alyssa Broome: First-Year MPH Student

Meet Alyssa Broome: First-Year MPH Student

Alyssa smiles at the camera. She is indoors holding a baby kangaroo.

ALBANY, N.Y. (November 18, 2020) - First-year MPH student Alyssa Broome is working hard to make a difference in global health — and is setting herself up for a successful career focused on human rights and health disparities.    

After completing her undergraduate degree, Broome joined the Peace Corps, where she served as a Community Health Service Provider for youth in rural Mozambique, Africa. Her two years of service allowed her to gain firsthand experience tackling issues related to health disparities, gender inequality and problems associated with international aid. Broome also served as the national coordinator for the Malaria Task Force, an initiative that works to reduce and prevent malaria in Mozambique.    

“This experience abroad deepened my resolve to become part of a world that advocates for equality, social justice, and healthcare as a right for all,” says Broome, noting that she saw the truly devastating impact of health disparities and inequality during her service.  

When Broome returned to the United States, her host mother in Mozambique passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind four young children.    

“Her life was unable to be saved due to a lack of resources at the local hospital. These necessities exist, but access to them is not equal based on who you are,” says Broome. “We need to change this. Illness should not be for profit. Health should be a right. This is not just the case globally, but here in the U.S., as well.”    

Working as an EMT in the city of Albany, Broome explains that she witnesses firsthand how disparities have a direct impact on an individual’s health and success in life.    

“An individual’s zip code should not be associated with the likelihood of success and health,” Broome states.      

To further her career and address human rights and health disparities, Broome enrolled in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program at UAlbany, where she is a full-time student and a Graduate Assistant for the Center for Global Health. Upon entry to the School, Broome was awarded the David Axelrod Fellowship, awarded to a student who demonstrates academic and creative excellence in the public health sector. The Fellowship is named in honor of David Axelrod, who co-founded the School of Public Health 35 years ago.    

“Dr. Axelrod’s dedication to make a difference in the lives of individuals through law, policy and advocacy is an inspiration,” says Broome.      

After completing her MPH, Broome hopes to continue her education and receive an advanced degree in health law and human rights.    

“By taking this multidisciplinary approach, I hope to be able to identify complex social and economic issues regarding both national and international health care systems to be an advocate for individuals and communities,” says Broome.