Sudha Chaturvedi

Sudha Chaturvedi

Clinical Associate Professor
School of Public Health
Department of Biomedical Sciences


120 New Scotland Avenue, David Axelrod Institute, Albany, NY 12208

Ph.D., Fungal biology and pathogenesis (1990)
Faculty of Medicine, University of Delhi, Delhi, India
Postdoctoral training: fungal pathogenesis and parasite cell biology, University of Cincinnati and Yale University

A portrait of Sudha Chaturvedi.

Affiliation: Division of Infectious Diseases, Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health

My interests and skills are fungal diseases, drug-resistance detection and mechanisms, surveillance, new technologies, and research and to directly apply them to the health protection and promotion of New Yorkers and communities in-large. The combination of applied and clinical work is both fascinating and rewarding. My interest is also to explore the mechanisms and prevention of white-nose syndrome, which has killed millions of hibernating bats in the US. I am happy to be part of a small and a large collaborative team to take science to the next level.


Research Interests

  • Molecular and protein-based technologies for fungal detection and identification
  • Antifungal drug resistance trends, mechanisms of action and detection methods for pathogenic yeasts and molds
  • Examination of population-level trends of invasive fungal infections


Research Concentrations

  • Drug Discovery & Therapeutics
  • Infection & Immunity
  • Genes & Genomes


Current Major Activities


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