Muntasir Masum

Muntasir Masum

Assistant Professor
Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

PhD - The University of Texas at San Antonio, Applied Demography 2021
MA - McMaster University, Sociology 2012
BSS - University of Dhaka, Sociology 2008

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As an interdisciplinary population health scientist, my research program focuses on studying health-risk behaviors and population health processes and outcomes. I utilize methods from demography, social epidemiology, sociology, and psychology to explore the etiology, methodology, and social determinants of these issues.

My research expertise is in analyzing large US administrative health records and national surveys to investigate the effects of alcohol on health, including risks for cardiometabolic, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and cancer.

I take a social-ecological perspective, examining how social, structural, and individual factors influence binge drinking and other risky behaviors. At the individual level, I primarily examine sociodemographic factors, while at the social and structural levels, I explore different contexts that impact alcohol consumption patterns.

Specifically, I am focused on:

  1. understanding the social determinants of alcohol use in early midlife and its subsequent health outcomes,
  2. examining the impacts of binge drinking on population health using longitudinal data,
  3. exploring the influence of environmental and contextual factors on alcohol consumption behavior across the life course, and
  4. measuring the effects of alcohol consumption behavior on adult health and mortality outcomes.


Research Interests:

  • Social determinants of health
  • Alcohol epidemiology
  • Social demography
  • Health disparities
  • Quantitative methods


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Courses Taught:

  • EPI 501