Keith M. Derbyshire

Keith M. Derbyshire

School of Public Health
Biomedical Sciences

PhD, Edinburgh University (1983)
Postdoctoral training: Yale University

Keith smiles at the camera.

Affiliation: Director of the Division of Genetics, Wadsworth Center

We use the genetically amenable Mycobacterium smegmatis as a model organism for our studies into gene expression, cell-cell-communication, protein secretion and conjugative transfer of chromosomal DNA. We use a combination of standard molecular genetic and genomic approaches, such as RNA-seq, ribo-seq and whole genome sequencing, to provide molecular insight into mechanism and genome architecture. Learn more on the lab’s website


Research interests:

  • Molecular biology of Mycobacteria
  • Gene expression and gene architecture
  • Cell-cell-communication
  • Protein secretion
  • Conjugative transfer of chromosomal DNA


Research concentrations:

  • Infection & Immunity
  • Genes & Genomes
  • Structural Biology



  • 2018: Fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science
  • 2019: Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology


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