Sociology Research

The Department of Sociology at UAlbany is very proud of the extensive research tradition of both its faculty and students. This strong record of scholarly accomplishment has led to increasing national recognition and stature for the Department. 

Student-Faculty Collaborative Publications

Student-faculty collaboration is a key part of our research productivity in sociology at UAlbany. Below is a partial list of articles published with Albany student-faculty co-authors. For the most part, the other authors are current or past faculty members in the department. 

2023 Articles
  • Bellick, Tyler S.*, Michael S. Barton, Samantha Friedman, and Matthew Douglas. 2023. "Guyanese Immigration, Homeownership, and Crime in Schenectady, NY: 2000-2017." City & Community 22(2):105-125. 


  • Liu, Han*, Zai Liang, and Miao David Chunyu. 2023. "Chinese immigrant entrepreneurship in the United States: temporal and spatial dimensions." Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 49 (11): 2855-2876


  • Tse-Chuan Yang, Seulki Kim*, and Stephen A. Matthews. 2023. “Unemployment and opioid-related mortality rates in US counties: Investigating social capital and social isolation-smoking pathways.Social Problems 70(2): 533-553.

2022 Articles
  • Andersen, Synøve N., Jukka Savolainen* and Steven F. Messner. 2022. “Exploring Sources of Heterogeneity in Immigrant Crime:  Evidence from Norway.”  Acta Sociologica DOI: 10.1177/00016993221109704.       

  • Baumer, Eric. P.*, Christopher Fowler, Steven F. Messner, and Richard Rosenfeld. 2022  “Change in the Spatial Clustering of Poor Neighborhoods within U.S. Counties and Its Impact on Homicide: An Analysis of Metropolitan Counties, 1980-2010.” The Sociological Quarterly.  63 (3):401-425

  • Brandon, Peter, Danielle George-Lucas, and Oleg Ivashchenko. 2022. “How architectural principles can help conceptualize and analyze breakups among intergenerational households.” Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 88. 

  • Dreby, Joanna, Florencia Silveira* and Eunju Lee. 2022. “Anatomy of Immigration Enforcement: Longstanding socioemotional impacts as children age into adulthood” Journal of Marriage and Family 84(3): 713-733.

  • Dreby, Joanna and Fatima Pacas Rodriguez*. 2022. “Entre la Espada y La Pared: Agricultores familiares en la zona occidental de los Valles Centrales de Costa Rica.” Revista de Ciencias Sociales 172 (II): 13-33.

  • Friedman, Samantha, Colleen Wynn*, and Hui-shien Tsao. 2022. “Racial and Ethnic Residential Segregation by Family Structure and the Presence of Children in Metropolitan America.” Race and Social Problems 14(2):170-188.

  • Friedman, Samantha, Aysenur Kurtulus*, and Ismet Koc. 2022. “Residential Segregation by Educational Status in Turkey, 2013: Examining the Association with Political Preferences.” Population, Space, and Place 28(3):1-15.

  • George-Lucas, Danielle* and Peter D. Brandon. 2022. “Explaining SNAP Nonparticipation among Food-Insecure Poor and Near-Poor Households with Dependent Children.” Journal of Poverty 26(7).


  • Han Liu*, Zai Liang, Shiyong Zhang, and Lihua Liu . 2022.  “Sociodemographic and Policy Factors Associated with the Transmission of COVID-19: Analyzing Longitudinal Contact Tracing Data from a Northern Chinese City.” Journal of Urban Health 99:582-593.


  • Han, Liu* and Tse-Chuan Yang. 2022. “Examining the Reciprocity Between Perceived Discrimination and Health: A Longitudinal Perspective” Population Research and Policy Review 41(4):1757-1777


  • Lei Lei* and Zai Liang.  2022. “Social Networks, Wages, and Job Tenure among Migrant Workers in China: Heterogeneous Effects over Time and by Education.”  Pp. 397-422 in Yanjie Bian and Yaojun Li (eds.). Socioeconomic Inequalities in Contemporary China.  World Scientific Publications.


  • Liang, Zai and Qiao Li*.  2022. “Social Support and Health of Disadvantaged Children: A Nutrition Intake Perspective.”  Journal of Population Research 44(5):36-49. 


  • Piatkowska, Sylwia J.* and Steven F. Messner. 2022. “Group Threat, Same-Sex Marriage, and Hate Crime Based on Sexual Orientation.”  Justice Quarterly 39 (4):802-821. 


  • South, Scott J., Soojin Han*, and Katherine Trent. 2022. “Imbalanced Sex Ratios and Violent Victimization in Mexico.” Population Research and Policy Review 41 (June): 843-864.


  • Yang, Tse-Chuan Carla Shoff, and Seulki Kim*. 2022. “Social isolation, residential stability, and opioid use disorder among older Medicare beneficiaries: Metro/nonmetro county comparison.” Social Science & Medicine 292: 114605

2021 Articles
  • Kim, Seulki*, Carla Shoff, and Tse-Chuan Yang. 2021. “Spatial non-stationarity in opioid prescribing rates: Evidence from older Medicare Part D beneficiaries.” Population Research and Policy Review 40(2): 127-136 

  • Shoff, Carla, Tse-Chuan Yang, and Seulki Kim*. 2021. “Rural/urban differences in the predictors of opioid prescribing rates among Medicare Part D beneficiaries 65 years of age and older” Journal of Rural Health 37(1): 5-15 

  • Strully, KateTse-Chuan Yang, and Han Liu*. 2021. “Regional variation in COVID-19 disparities: Connections with immigrant and Latinx communities in US counties” Annals of Epidemiology 53: 56-62 

  • Unnever, James D., Brian J. Stults*, and Steven F. Messner.  2022. “Structural Racism and Criminal Violence: An Analysis of State-level Variation in Homicide.”  Race and Justice. doi:10.1177/21533687211015287,

  • Vásquez, Elizabeth, Weihui Zhang*, Joanna Dreby, Sunghee Lee and Anda Botoseneanu A. 2021. “Nativity, Family Support and Disability Trajectories: Results from the Hispanic Established Populations for the Epidemiologic Study of the Elderly.” Ethnicity & Disease 31(2):253-262. doi:10.18865/ed.31.2.253   

  • YangTse-Chuan, Seulki Kim*, and Carla Shoff. 2021. “Income inequality and opioid prescribing rates: Exploring rural/urban differences in pathways via residential stability and social isolation.” Rural Sociology 86(1): 26-49

  • Yang, Tse-Chuan, Seung-won Emily Choi, and Feinuo Sun*. 2021COVID-19 cases in US counties: Roles of racial/ethnic density and residential segregationEthnicity & Health 26(1): 11-21

  • Zhang, Weihui * and Tse-Chuan Yang. 2021. “Maternal smoking and infant low birth weight: Exploring the biological mechanism through the mother’s pre-pregnancy weight status.” Population Research and Policy Review 40(2): 211-229

2020 Articles
  • Dreby, Joanna, Sarah Gallo, Florencia Silviera* and Melissa Corral Adams. 2020. “Nací Allá: Meanings of U.S. Citizenship for Young Children of Return Migrants to Mexico.” Harvard Educational Review


  • Friedman, Samantha, Aysenur Kurtulus*, and Ismet Koc. 2020. “Housing Outcomes in Turkey: How Do Middle-Income Households Fare?” City & Community. 


  • Kim, Seulki*, Carla Shoff, and Tse-Chuan Yang. 2020. Spatial non-stationarity in opioid prescribing rates: Evidence from older Medicare Part D beneficiaries.Population Research and Policy Review


  • Lei, Lei* and Scott South. 2020. Explaining the Decline in Young Adult Sexual Activity in the United States. Journal of Marriage and Family.


  • Shoff, Carla, Tse-Chuan Yang, and Seulki Kim*. 2020. “Rural/Urban differences in the predictors of opioid prescribing rates among Medicare Part D beneficiaries 65 years of age and olderJournal of Rural Health. doi: 10.1111/jrh.12497 


  • Strully, Kate, Tse-Chuan Yang and Han Liu*. 2020. “Regional variation in COVID-19 disparities: Connections with immigrant and Latinx communities in US counties.” Annals of Epidemiology.


  • Sun, Feinuo*, Zhen Liu and Kathryn S. Schiller. 2020. Parental migration and children’s educational aspirations: China and Mexico in a comparative perspective. Chinese Sociological Review 52,4: 462-486.


  • Sun, Feinuo*, Stephen A. Matthews, Tse-Chuan Yang, and Ming-Hsiao Hu. 2020.  “A spatial analysis of COVID-19 period prevalence in US counties through June 28, 2020: Where geography matters?” Annals of Epidemiology.


  • Yang, Tse-Chuan, Feinuo Sun*, and Seung-won Emily Choi. 2020.“Rural residence and mortality in later life: Exploring the role of social integration and social support from a longitudinal perspectivePopulation, Space and Place
2019 Articles
  • Dreby, Joanna and Mairead Carr. 2019. “The Social Value of Children for Families that Farm.” Sociological Forum. 
  • Dreby, Joanna, Esperanza Tuñón-Pablos, and Griffin Lacy. 2019. “Children’s Food Practices in Mexican Migrant Households” Childhood.
  • He, Dan and Steven F. Messner. 2019. “Social Disorganization Theory in Contemporary China: A Review of the Evidence and Directions for Future Research.”  Asian Journal of Criminology
  • Major, Aaron and Zhifan Luo. 2019. "The Political-Military Foundations of China’s Global Ascendency." Journal of World-Systems Research 25(2): 420-448.
  • Piatkowska, Sylwia J., Steven F. Messner, and Andreas Hövermann. 2019. “Black Outgroup Marriages and Hate Crime Rates: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of U. S. Metropolitan Areas.”  Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency.
  • Song, Qian and Zai Liang. 2019.  “Remittance Behaviors in Comparative Perspective: The Case of Fujian, China.” International Migration Review. 53(3):930-955.
  • Strully, K. W., R. Bozick, Y. Huang, L. Burgette. 2019. “Employer Verification Mandates and Infant Health.” Population Research and Policy Review.
  • Yang, Tse-Chuan, Stephen A. Matthews, Feinuo Sun, and Marina Armendariz. 2019. “Modeling the relative importance of within and between county effects in an ecological study of the association between social capital and mental distress.” Preventing Chronic Disease 16: 180491.
  • Zhao, Yunhan, Tse-Chuan Yang, and Steven F. Messner. 2019. “Segregation and Racial Disparity in Post-Stop Outcomes: Insights from New York City.” Journal of Crime and Justice.
  • Zhao, Yunhan, Steven F. Messner, Jianhong Liu, and Cheng Jin. 2019. “Prisons as Schools:  Inmates’ Participation in Vocational and Academic Programs in Chinese Prisons.”  International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.
2018 Articles
  • Chung, Angie Y., Kenneth Chen, Gowoon Jung, and Muyang Li. 2018. "Thinking Outside the Box: The National Context of Educational Preparation and Adaptation among Chinese and Korean International Students." Research in Comparative and International Education 13(3): 418-438. [OnlineFirst version:]
  • Huang, Ying, Scott J. South, Amy Spring, and Kyle Crowder. 2018. “A Decomposition of Trends in Blacks’ and Whites’ Exposure to Other-Race Neighbors, 2001-2011.” City & Community 17 (September): 590-614.
  • Liang, Zai, Jiejin Li, Glenn Deane, Zhen Li, and Bo Zhou. 2018. “From Chinatown to Everytown: New Patterns of Employment for Low-skilled Chinese Immigrants in the United States.” Social Forces 97(2): 893–920.
  • Liang, Zai and Qian Song.  2018. “From the Culture of Migration to the Culture of Remittances.”  Chinese Sociological Review.   DOI: 10.1080/21620555.2018.1426988.
  • Liang, Zai and Bo Zhou. 2018.   “The Rise of Market-based Institutions and Labor Market Niches for Low-skilled Chinese Immigrants.”  Russell Sage Foundation Journal of Social Sciences:  Special Issue on New Immigrant Labor Market Niches (edited by Susan Eckstein and Giovanni Peri) 4(1):78-95.
  • Piatkowska, Sylwia J., Steven F. Messner, and Tse-Chuan Yang. 2018. “Understanding the Relationship between Relative Group Size and Hate Crime Rates: Linking Methods with Concepts.” Justice Quarterly
  • Piatkowska, Sylwia J., Steven F. Messner, and Tse-Chuan Yang. 2018. “Xenophobic and Racially Motivated Crime in Belgium: Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis and Spatial Regressions of Structural Covariates.”  Deviant Behavior 39(11):1398-1418. 
  • Messner, Steven F., Jianhong Liu, and Yunhan Zhao. 2018. “Predicting Re-Incarceration Status of Prisoners in Contemporary China: Applying Western Criminological Theories.”  International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology 62(4):1018-1042. 
  • Shen, Yinzhi, Steven F. Messner, Jianhong Liu, and Robert J. Sampson. 2018. “What They Don’t Know Says A Lot: Residents’ Knowledge of Neighborhood Crime in Contemporary China.”  Journal of Quantitative Criminology 35(3): 607-629
  • Yang, Tse-Chuan, Lei Lei, and Aysenur Kurtulus. 2018. “Neighborhood ethnic density and self-rated health: Investigating the mechanisms through social capital and health behaviors.” Health & Place 53: 193-202 [PMCID: PMC6172945].
  • Yang, Tse-Chuan, I-Chien Chen, Seulki Kim, and Seung-won Choi. 2018. “Differential investments and opportunities: How do neighborhood conditions moderate the relationship between perceived housing discrimination and social capital?” Social Science Research 72: 69-83 [PMCID: PMC5886033].
2017 Articles
  • Dreby, Joanna, Gowoon Jung and Rachel Sullivan. 2017. "At the Nexus of Work and Family: Family Farms in Upstate New York." Journal of Rural Studies 49:151-61. doi:
  • Friedman, Samantha, Joseph Gibbons, Colleen E Wynn and Recai Yucel. 2017. "Muslim/Non-Muslim Locational Attainment in Philadelphia: A New Fault Line in Residential Inequality?". doi:
  • Gubernskaya, Zoya and Zequn Tang. 2017. "Just Like in Their Home Country? A Multinational Perspective on Living Arrangements of Older Immigrants in the United States." Demography 54(5):1973-98. doi:
  • Huang, Ying, Scott J South and Amy Spring. 2017. "Racial Differences in Neighborhood Attainment: The Contributions of Interneighborhood Migration and in Situ Change." Demography 54(5):1819-43. doi:
  • Napierala, Jeffrey and Nancy Denton. 2017. "Measuring Residential Segregation with the ACS: How the Margin of Error Affects the Dissimilarity Index." Demography 54(1):285-309. doi:
2016 Articles
  • Berman, Elizabeth Popp and Abby Stivers. 2016. "Student Loans as a Pressure on Us Higher Education." Pp. 129-60 in The University under Pressure: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
  • Lachmann, Richard and Abby Stivers. 2016. "The Culture of Sacrifice in Conscript and Volunteer Militaries: The Us Medal of Honor from the Civil War to Iraq, 1861-2014." American Journal of Cultural Sociology 4(3):323-58. doi:
  • Lei, Lei and Scott J South. 2016. "Racial and Ethnic Differences in Leaving and Returning to the Parental Home: The Role of Life Course Transitions, Socioeconomic Resources, and Family Connectivity." Demographic research 34:109. doi:
  • McCabe, Joshua T and Elizabeth Popp Berman. 2016. "American Exceptionalism Revisited: Tax Relief, Poverty Reduction, and the Politics of Child Tax Credits." Sociological Science 3:540-67. doi:
  • South, Scott J, Ying Huang, Amy Spring and Kyle Crowder. 2016. "Neighborhood Attainment over the Adult Life Course." American sociological review 81(6):1276-304. doi: