Scott South

Scott South

Distinguished Professor
Department of Sociology
CV8.97 MB


Arts & Sciences 307

1982 PhD, Sociology, University of Texas at Austin
1979 MA, Sociology, University of Texas at Austin
1976 BA, Sociology, University of Texas at Austin

Scott South


Demography, Urban, Family

Recent Research Projects

  • Resources and Opportunities for Neighborhood Attainment -- Examines the effects of household wealth and metropolitan-area characteristics on migration between neighborhoods of varying socioeconomic status and racial/ethnic composition. (R01 HD054502, Kyle D. Crowder, Co-PI)
  • Spatial Dynamics of Neighborhood Effects -- Uses data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics and several U.S. censuses to examine the effect of extra-local neighborhood conditions on nonmarital fertility, marriage, and school dropout. (R03 HD052542, Kyle D. Crowder, Co-PI)
  • Sex Ratios and Family Life in China -- Uses data from the Chinese Health and Family Life Survey and several China censuses to examine the impact of imbalanced sex ratios on family life in China. (R21 HD057289, Katherine Trent, Co-PI)
  •  Family and Health Consequences of Imbalanced Sex Ratios in India -- Uses data from the India Human Development Survey, the National Family and Health Survey, and several India censuses to examine the impact of community sex ratio imbalances on health and family-related behaviors (R01 HD067214, Katherine Trent and Sunita Bose,Co-PIs).

Research Interests

  • Demography
  • Community and Urban Sociology
  • Family Sociology