Karyn Loscocco

Karyn Loscocco



Arts & Sciences 321

PhD, Indiana University
MA, Indiana University
BA, Bowdoin College

Karyn Loscocco


Gender, Race, Inequality

Recent Research Projects

  • Cultural constructions: The gendered context of marriage -- This collaboration with Susan Walzer (Skidmore College) uses multiple methods and an inductive approach to examine how gender, as an ongoing process embedded in culture, defines heterosexual marital roles. Analyses focus on cultural artifacts and data from interviews with the purveyors and recipients of cultural messages about marriage. The study examines how gender intersects with race and class in the production and contestation of idealized images of wives and husbands.
  • Gender, Work and Family: The Upstate New York Small Business Project -- This project examines key questions about gender, work and family in the context of small business ownership, a growing sector of the economy which women have been entering in record numbers. The study is organized around two related questions: How do structural and individual variables contribute to inequality between men and women who employ themselves? How does family intersect with work to shape the economic and personal lives of people who control their own labor? Extensive data were collected through structured, confidential face-to-face interviews with equal numbers of women and men who own businesses in the upstate New York area.

Research Interests

  • Gender, Work and Family
  • Social Construction of Race
  • Race and Gender Dynamics in Work and Organizations
  • Work Inequality