Aaron Major

Aaron Major

Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
CV1.31 MB


Arts & Sciences 301

PhD 2008, Sociology, New York University
BA 2000, Sociology and American Studies, University of Kansas

Professor Aaron Major


Economic, Political and Military Sociology, Globalization

Recent Research Projects

  • Professor Major studies the relationship between structures of global capitalism and their effects on national states. He has conducted research on American welfare state policy making in the 1960s in relationship to the postwar international monetary system. He is also interested in the relationship between business and state elites, and is currently conducting research on the emergence of business conservatism as a defining force in American politics. Professor Major is also conducting research on changing patterns of defense spending since the end of the Vietnam War and their effects on American political and economic development.

Research Interests

  • Economic Sociology
  • Political Sociology
  • Globalization
  • Military Sociology