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The RNA Institute

Training the next generation of RNA researchers in basic and translational science.

New Frontiers to Health

Scientists can identify the origins of diseases by studying how RNA turns genes on and off, potentially leading to innovative disease treatments and possible cures.

Biological Science grad student Marissa Louis in RNA lab

The RNA Institute offers unique opportunities to researchers and trainees for collaboration and interdisciplinary research. We have more than 50 faculty working to understand the role of RNA in fundamental biological processes, developing RNA as a tool for science and harnessing this knowledge to improve human health. 

The RNA Institute is more than just a modern research facility. We are a collection of diverse and talented researchers and laboratories united by a common goal in understanding the role of RNA across different fields, including biology, chemistry, biomedical sciences, physics, and nanobiosciences. RNA forms the basis of our research, it is the common element that we study, build, modify and analyze as well as the building blocks that we use to construct tools, reporters, and therapies.

Our RNA Training Programs provide a multi-disciplinary curriculum with a focus on RNA and its health-related benefits. We develop our future science leaders by providing trainees from high school to post-doc students and beyond with comprehensive access to faculty, techniques, and collaborations within Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, and Nanobiosciences. Our training includes the Doctoral RNA Training Program and the Undergraduate Summer Fellowship.

Ken Halvorsen and student researcher of the RNA Institute

One of The RNA Institute's strengths is the diversity of our faculty's research and range of disciplines. However, the diversity of our faculty and trainees lags behind the University at Albany's undergraduate population and surrounding communities. In line with UAlbany's mission to ensure that diversity, in its people and in its ideas, drives excellence in everything that it does, the Institute launched a multi-pronged approach to increase diversity and support inclusivity at the Institute and across STEM disciplines.

The RNA Institute hosted its inaugural RNA Day, inviting local students from the New York State’s Science Technology Entry Program (STEP) and Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region
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