Chris Smith wins Best RNA Paper 2020

Chris Smith Landthaler Award


Christopher Smith, a member of the Yigit Lab in the Chemistry Department at UAlbany, was awarded the Markus Landthaler Award for Best RNA Paper 2020 at the April 20th, 2021 Hudson Valley RNA Club RNA Salon.

Congratulations Chris!


Award Winning Paper

Probing CRISPR-Cas12a Nuclease Activity Using Double-Stranded DNA-Templated Fluorescent Substrates

Smith CW, Nandu N, Kachwala MJ, Chen YS, Uyar TB, Yigit MV. Biochemistry · April 21, 2020


About the Award

This award was sponsored by Dr. Markus Landthaler  from the Max-Delbruck-Centrum fur Molekulare Medizin (MDC) who was a speaker at the HVRC RNA Salon on December 15, 2020.

Landthaler Award


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