Large Scale Data Analysis Advances Research in the Life Sciences

New state-of-the-art equipment at UAlbany’s Cancer Research Center is a sign of both the growing importance of advanced data analytical capabilities in research and the steps UAlbany is taking to train the next generation of scientists.

 Researcher working on high tech equipment
Researcher working on new state-of-the-art equipment at UAlbany’s Cancer Research Center

The equipment includes an advanced mass spectrometer for protein analysis and instrumentation for monitoring changes in DNA and RNA.

The instrumentation enables scientists to acquire and analyze massive amounts of information. Scientists at the Cancer Research Center use these high-tech tools as they study breast and prostate cancer genetic mechanisms.

The instrumentation in the Cancer Research Center will also be used in UAlbany’s planned bachelor’s degree program in bioinstrumentation, offered by the School of Public Health. The program is designed to give studen hands-on experience with the complex equipment used research today and to develop their expertise in data anal providing them with the skills biotech companies seek.

Many other life sciences researchers are also harnessi big data in their work. College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering Associate Professor Thomas Begley analyzes large data sets in his work to develop nanoscale-based diagnostic tools and a knowledge base that promotes personalized medicine.