Campus Welcomes First Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Local entrepreneur Beth Coco is UAlbany’s first entrepreneur-in-residence. Working through the Office for Innovation Development and Commercialization and the Small Business Development Center, Coco is advancing a culture of entrepreneurship across the campus. Her aim is to assist any member of theUAlbany community who has an interest in turning ideas into reality.

Local entrepreneur Beth Coco is UAlbany's first entrepreneur in-residence.

Coco, who was the founder and long-time leader of MicroKnowledge, Inc., has also started and grown not-for-profit organizations and mentored budding entrepreneurs. At UAlbany, Coco coaches faculty and students who have specific business ideas and helps interested faculty in any discipline to introduce concepts of entrepreneurship into their courses.

A major initiative is to help students envision and launch a campus entrepreneurs’ organization that will provide inspiration, experiential learning opportunities, and entrepreneurship skill development to members of the campus community.

Coco is helping to develop The World of Creativity and Entrepreneurship, the newest planned addition to UAlbany’s living-learning communities which bring together like-minded students around different themes and introduce them to the growth opportunities available at UAlbany.

Coco’s extensive professional network is also helping UAlbany connect to complementary entrepreneurship activities in the community, as well as establish linkages with Hudson Valley Community College
and SUNY Cobleskill.