Leveraging Information and Computational Technology

Addressing the challenges and opportunities of our information society, University at Albany researchers make their mark in areas such as the behavior of terrorist organizations, new computing approaches for large networks and the use of information to advance fair trade. Their work in the information and computational technology field attracted $3.9 million in support in 2010-11.

Exemplifying the scope and quality of work in this area are two computer science professors, Siwei Lyu and Jeong-Hyon Hwang, both of whom have received Faculty Early Career Development Awards from the National Science Foundation.

Lyu is developing new methods to detect digital images that have been altered, work that could have applications in criminal justice investigations. Wang is developing new open-source computing approaches for large, frequently changing networks used in business, science, transportation and government.

Another kind of network – the North American coffee network – is the focus of a project designed to provide consumers with information about how, where, and by whom products are being manufactured and brought to market in the North American Free Trade Agreement region. The project is led by Center for Technology in Government Director Theresa Pardo.

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