Electronic Payments

The New York State Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) in conjunction with the Governor's Office of Taxpayer Accountability has instituted a mandatory electronic payment program for all vendors doing business with the State of New York as part of an overall strategy to increase government efficiencies and cut costs.

Accordingly, all contracts and purchase orders executed after February 29, 2010 must contain a provision that requires vendors to accept electronic payments. As such, in fulfillment of this requirement, all vendors, in order to receive payment from the State, are required to complete and submit to OSC either an Electronic Payment Authorization Form for Individuals or an Electronic Payments Authorization Form for Government Entities, Vendors, Not-for-Profits.

The complete form is to be sent directly to OSC (do not send it to the University) at the following address:

NYS Office of the State Comptroller
Bureau of State Accounting Operations
Warrants & Payment Control Unit
110 State Street -9th Floor
Albany, NY 12236

Questions can be directed to OSC by either phone at (518) 474-6019 and (518) 402-4067 or e-mail [email protected]

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