UPD Notices: Keeping UAlbany Safe

Dear UAlbany Community, 

Recognizing that recent acts of violence in public spaces have put many communities on edge, I want to assure you that your safety and well-being is the University Police Department’s first priority. I also would like to use this opportunity to remind you of the resources available on campus to help keep you safe.


The University’s Student Care Services team is focused on identifying and addressing issues before violence occurs. All members of the community are encouraged to report both suspicious activity or concerning behavior.  Please visit UPD’s webpage for more information on the various reporting options available to you.


UPD also offers resources and programs designed to help you keep you safe and educate you on what you should do in the event of violence on campus. To request a program or learn more about our Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) training, please visit UPD’s Safety and Services page and select the Active Shooter tab. You also can help keep yourselves and others safe by reviewing the information in the University’s Emergency Management Plan.


While the odds of an incident occurring on our campus are very small, UPD is committed to ensuring that we are prepared to respond to any situation. Our officers continually train and are equipped to stop anyone who threatens the campus and the safety of our community. Our department also regularly participates in a multi-agency team that shares information on and evaluates any potential threats in the greater Capital Region.


Finally, we encourage you to download the RAVE Guardian app. RAVE Guardian is a free mobile app that turns your smart devices into personal safety devices. This tool provides users the means to report incidents to UPD quickly, through voice or text, so we can respond faster.


As always, we are here for you 24/7 by calling 518-442-3131 or 911 from any campus phone. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to stay informed on what UPD is doing throughout the UAlbany community.


Stay Safe,

Paul Burlingame

Chief of Police