Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)

What is CSTEP?

The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) is an academic enrichment program designed to foster students’ success as they prepare for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 

This program prepares historically underrepresented and/or economically disadvantaged undergraduate students to pursue graduate degrees, professional licensure and careers in STEM fields.

CSTEP is jointly sponsored by the University at Albany and the New York State Education Department.


President Rodriguez with CSTEP students


What opportunities does CSTEP offer? 

Students who participate in CSTEP have access to STEM-related academic enrichment and research opportunities during the summer and academic year, including: 

  • University at Albany Summer Research Program (UASRP)

  • Supervised training in research methods 

  • Internships 

  • Admissions counseling for graduate and/or professional school 

  • Standardized test preparation 

  • Discounts on graduate prep courses 

  • Academic and career development 

  • Peer mentoring and tutoring 

  • Additional academic advising 

  • Luncheons, symposiums, workshops and fairs

  • CSTEP statewide student conference

Additionally, CSTEP eligible students can participate in the University at Albany’s national Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program.

CSTEP's Impact
  • We serve more than 300 students each year
  • 80% of CSTEP seniors complete their degree
  • 50% of CSTEP seniors apply to graduate school
  • 40% of CSTEP freshman remain active through their senior year
  • The University at Albany Summer Research Program (UASRP) has assisted over 200 CSTEP students participate in scientific research
  • 100% of CSTEP students utilize at least one of the services that CSTEP provides
  • 87.5% of students use tutoring services provided by CSTEP
  • 80% of CSTEP students plan to pursue graduate degrees and science careers

Last updated: July 2021

Annual CSTEP Conference

The annual CSTEP conference is a statewide event for students interested in pursuing STEM careers.  

Attendees present research during poster sessions and oral presentations, compete for awards and network with students from other university’s CSTEP programs. 

About 15 to 24 UAlbany students attend the conference each year. One student from each university is selected to be an ambassador, whose duties include greeting, hosting and moderating guests during the conference. 

Akua Williams '18 a Public Policy Major, and Matthew Brandon '19, a Computer Science Major presented their research as part of the CSTEP


Who is eligible and how do I apply? 

CSTEP participants must: 

  • Be New York State residents (or permanent resident aliens) 

  • Be economically disadvantaged and/or historically underrepresented in STEM careers and licensed professions

  • Demonstrate interest in pursuing STEM careers or licensed professions 

  • Maintain at least a 2.7 GPA at UAlbany 

Eligible UAlbany students can apply for CSTEP at any time.


Apply to CSTEP


Defining Economic Disadvantage & Underrepresentation 

To be eligible to participate in CSTEP and/or STEP, students must be economically disadvantaged and/or historically underrepresented in STEM careers or licensed professions. 

The following groups are historically underrepresented in STEM: 

  • African American
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • American Indian/Alaskan Native

Economic disadvantage is measured through household income. Documentation is required. 

Number of dependents in your householdEligible income for CSTEP/STEP (2023-2024)

If your household has more than eight dependents, please add $8,288 per dependent.