What is Project Excel? 

Project Excel (PE) at UAlbany provides academic support services to first-generation college students who are from economically disadvantaged households and/or identify as students with disabilities, with a goal of helping these students achieve their academic and professional goals. 

We recognize the importance of being the first person in your family to receive a college degree. That’s why our team approaches academic advising with our Diverse Advising while Navigating Education (DANE) Initiative.

DANE provides a diverse approach in academic counseling, a holistic and proactive advising method, resources to help students navigate their academic plan, and communicates the importance of being the first in their family to receive a four-year education.

We also help students navigate the many services available to them on campus, collaborating with other offices to best serve their needs.


A student in a cream suit and black graduation cap raises one hand and smiles while posing for a photo under purple and white confetti.


What opportunities does Project Excel offer? 

Project Excel encourages students to develop interpersonal skills and leadership abilities, while achieving academic excellence and career success.

Students meet with Project Excel staff at least three times per semester to ensure they maintain satisfactory academic progress. They can also take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Freshmen seminar
  • Scholarship opportunities for qualified freshmen and sophomores
  • Group and individual tutoring on various subjects
  • Study skills workshops and materials
  • Mentoring relationships with peers and/or faculty
  • Internship and career counseling
  • Writing and math labs
  • Cultural and educational events
  • Community service
  • Admission and financial aid counseling for graduate school

Project Excel provides a safe environment for students to meet their peers, establish meaningful relationships and gain an overall sense of community, belonging and connection to the University.


Project Excel's Impact
  • We serve more than 200 students each year

  • 72% of Project Excel seniors complete their degree

  • 88% of Project Excel freshman remain active through their senior year

  • 85% of students are in good academic standing

Last updated: July 2021

Who is eligible and how do I apply? 

Project Excel participants must be first-generation college students who come from low-income households and/or who identify as students with disabilities. 

Students who are interested in Project Excel should contact the Project Excel team (see below). 

Eligible UAlbany students can apply for Project Excel at any time.


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