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UAlbany Partnering with WiNFUND to Promote Women Entrepreneurs in Africa
The University at Albany is collaborating with the Women in Innovation Fund (WiNFUND) to address to build entrepreneurial training and capacity building for women entrepreneurs from Africa. The program will train and mentor women entrepreneurs who are already implementing home-grown solutions to some of the continent’s most urgent health challenges.
Noteworthy: Research grants, awards and publications
The latest on University at Albany faculty and staff receiving research grants, awards and other noteworthy attention.
UAlbany Awards Sen. Neil Breslin the Medallion of the University
The University selected the senator for the honor in recognition of his 26 years of committed advocacy for public higher education, the University at Albany and its students, and the Capital Region. President Havidán Rodríguez will present the Medallion at the Spring University Address on April 11 in the Campus Center West Auditorium.
Helping California Understand the Impact of Convictions on Employment
In a webinar entitled “The Research Case for Hiring People with Criminal History Records: California in Focus,” Shawn Bushway, professor of Public Administration and Policy, worked to rebut pervasive myths that anyone with a criminal record is inherently riskier than anyone without.
UAlbany Professor’s Book Details Secret Weapons Program that Helped Build Modern Korea
In a new book out early next year, "Cornerstone of the Nation: The Defense Industry and the Building of Modern Korea under Park Chung Hee," UAlbany Professor Peter Kwon provides the first historical account of how Park’s secret program to build an independent defense industry spurred rapid militarization, industrialization and economic growth, and set the stage for South Korea to become the global economic powerhouse we know today.
Hemp or Marijuana? Forensic Chemist Receives Federal Funding for Rapid Test
The U.S. Department of Justice is supporting the Musah Lab with a $401,988 grant to develop and validate the test through December 2024.
UAlbany Students Weigh in on Women’s History Month
UAlbany students share their thoughts on Women’s History Month