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UAlbany to Install First Computing Cluster of IBM Prototype Artificial Intelligence Hardware on a University Campus
The University at Albany announced it will be the first academic institution in the world to receive the IBM AIU, a prototype computing cluster specially designed by IBM Research for artificial intelligence applications.
Celebrating Science with STEM and Nanotechnology Family Day
THeCollege of Nanotechnology, Science, and Engineering is welcoming students from throughout the Capital Region on Saturday, Feb. 10, to STEM and Nanotechnology Family Day, a place to learn about how nanotechnology is making a difference in our lives now and in the future.
Advancing Research on Minority Health Disparities: A Q&A with CEMHD Director Elizabeth Vásquez
Vásquez embarks on first semester as director of UAlbany’s Center for the Elimination of Minority Health Disparities
Q&A With CNSE’s Nate Cady: Why Everyone is Talking About Semiconductors
CNSE Professor and Associate Dean for Research Nathaniel Cady is leading UAlbany’s contribution to the Northeast Regional Defense Technology Hub, or NORDTECH, a $40 million consortium of universities, defense, and semiconductor manufacturing powerhouses announced in September as part of the Microelectronics Commons.
NYS Approves New UAlbany Teacher Certification Programs
The three bachelor’s degrees will help New York address teacher shortage and fill the void left by the closure of The College of Saint Rose
Study: Powerful Narrative Can Drive Policy Action, Cultural Change
A new study examines how disseminating largely false narratives around the issue of Critical Race Theory and public schools propelled people to demand bans on teaching CRT, influenced long-held political and cultural beliefs, and could have implications for the future of public education.
School of Business Study Examines Vaccine Hesitancy
As the COVID-19 pandemic raged throughout the country in 2020, politics, memes and public messaging converged to dramatically influence individuals’ decisions regarding the in-development COVID vaccines, according to a new article by researchers at the University at Albany’s Massry School of Business and Washington State University’s Carson College of Business.