Noteworthy: Research grants, awards and publications

Two researchers, in lab coats and gloves and wearing facemasks, talk to each other in a laboratory
Igor Lednev, with PhD student Alexis Weber, in his lab in March. (Photo by Patrick Dodson)
  • Thomas Begley, professor of biological sciences and associate director of the RNA Institute, has been granted a SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund (TAF) award for developing RNA analysis software that can dramatically simplify drug discovery as well as patient stratification for personalized medicines. SUNY TAF investments are awarded to faculty-led research teams to help bring commercial-ready innovations to market. 
  • Environmental and Sustainable Engineering Assistant Professor Md. Aynul Bari’s project, “Source apportionment and source characterization modeling for the Calgary Spatial and Temporal Modeling (CSTEM) Study” has been sponsored by Health Canada for $27,999. The project’s goal is to improve understanding of air pollutants across the Calgary region. 
  • Mathematics and Statistics Assistant Professor Michael Lesnick has been sponsored by the Simons Foundation for $42,000 for his project, “Multiparameter Persistence: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications.” Lesnick’s goal is to develop practical algorithms and software for 2-parameter persistence theory.