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ETEC is a shining example of how SUNY is incorporating innovative, sustainable technologies into its construction projects while strengthening its academic offerings for our students. Read more about the future home of the ESE department: Breaking Ground and Chancellor, President Tour.

About Environmental & Sustainable Engineering

Environmental and Sustainable Engineering is a discipline that builds on knowledge, discovery, and information from math and basic sciences to solve critical environmental problems at the national and global scales. Basic sciences, such as chemistry, biology, physics, atmospheric science, social science, economics, geography and planning, and political science provide a solid foundation for this multidisciplinary engineering program. Standing on this broad foundation, students in this program are able to tackle traditional environmental problems associated with air pollution and prevention, water and wastewater treatment and reuse, water resource management, soil and groundwater clean-up, and hazardous waste remediation. In addition, the Environmental and Sustainable Engineering distinguishes itself from conventional Environmental Engineering by having a serious emphasis, long-term vision, and deep commitment to sustainable engineering. In particular, this program aims to address global environmental issues, provide sustainable designs for natural and engineered environments, and promote sustainability in all areas related to the environment and human health.

Students enrolling in this Environmental and Sustainable Engineering program will be equipped with a strong foundation in this broad discipline, state-of-the-art science and technologies for solving environmental problems using sustainable approaches, and skills for lifelong learning. In addition, this curriculum gives students experiences in teamwork, leadership development, and opportunities to improve their oral, written, and visual skills. Graduates from this program are highly sought after for careers in industry, consulting, and government at local, state and federal levels. Some graduates may enter academia and research organizations if they pursue graduate studies beyond the Bachelor of Science.  Prepared and educated by this program, graduates will embark on a journey that solves challenging problems facing the environment, human health, and the society; a career that actively pursues sustainability through critical thinking and innovative solutions; and a life that diligently serves the local community and the broad society through integrity, professional excellence, and humility.

Over the 2014-2024 time period, the New York State Department of Labor projects a growth of nearly 21%, and the US Department of Labor projects more than 12%, in environmental engineering positions. The overall employment outlook is classified as “Very Favorable.”

Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin for course descriptions, and visit the Schedule of Classes to see what is being offered (input IESE in the "Course Subject" field). Click here for the program checklist.

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Professor Yanna Liang looks forward to building our newest engineering department and teaching the next generation of environmental engineers.

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