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The Department of Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (ESE) is pleased to announce that several new courses are being offered in Fall 2018. Please visit the Schedule of Classes and input IESE in the "Course Subject" field. You can read course descriptions in the Undergraduate Bulletin for more information. Registration is currently open.

About Environmental & Sustainable Engineering

The Department of Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (ESE) was launched in 2017 with the arrival of its founding chair, Professor Yanna Liang. ESE joined Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering in our growing CEAS family and will take us in new directions as it expands our academic footprint. Although not yet available, we plan to develop academic programs at the BS, MS, and PhD levels, which have been submitted for formal NYS approval. Please check back from time to time to see our progress.

The scope of this department will examine environmental protection ranging in scale from local to global. Environmental engineers apply scientific and engineering principles to the protection of human populations from adverse environmental factors, as well as the protection of environments from the negative impact of natural disasters and/or human activity, and the general improvement of environmental quality. Focus areas of environmental engineering include waste water management, air pollution control and mitigation, recycling of materials and waste management, radiation protection, industrial hygiene, environmental sustainability (including infrastructure design for sustainability), public health, and environmental law. This may involve developing, implementing, or improving systems related to water and air pollution control and mitigation, recycling of materials and waste management, radiation protection, industrial hygiene, environmental sustainability (including infrastructure design for sustainability), and public health all within the context of environmental laws and regulations.

Over the 2014-2024 time period, the New York State Department of Labor projects a growth of nearly 21%, and the US Department of Labor projects more than 12%, in environmental engineering positions. The overall employment outlook is classified as “Very Favorable.”

Our department’s scope will be rare, if not unique, in that we will explicitly include a focus on sustainable use ad design of natural and engineered environments. This new department aligns with our college’s view that engineering is “science in service to society.” “In order to serve society better, we must embrace the concept of sustainability,” says Dr. Yanna Liang, professor and founding chair.

Please feel free to contact Professor Liang for more information.

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