Kristin Christodulu

Kristin Christodulu

Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
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1535 Western Avenue
Kristin Christodulu

Areas of Interest: The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) specializes in research, education, and training on topics associated with autism spectrum disorders, sleep disturbances, challenging behavior, parenting, and inclusion. CARD is also home base for the Regional Center for Autism, a program created to address the limited availability and rising costs of specialized services related to the education of children with autism. This community-based agency provides program development, training, and support for individuals, families, professionals and peers of people with autism and related disabilities in 10 counties throughout the Capital Region. Specific areas of interest follow.

  • The Autism Program Quality Indicators (APQI) - Core components for educating children with autism
  • Social Support for Siblings of Children with Autism
  • Non-Aversive Behavioral Interventions for Reducing Sleep Disturbances in Children with Disabilities
  • Feeding and Eating Disorders in Children with Autism
  • Peer Victimization in Students with Disabilities
  • Improving Inclusion Opportunities with Positive Educational Intervention
  • Preventing Challenging Behavior with Positive Family Intervention