University at Albany, State University of New York

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Algebra/Topology Seminar

When and Where

Thursdays 1:15–2:35 in ES-143


Alex Tchernev, Marco Varisco, and Matt Zaremsky


Through a grant from the Simons Foundation (#419561, M. Varisco)

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Spring Semester 2019

January 31
Dave Anderson (Ohio State University)
Old Formulas for Degeneracy Loci, with a New Twist
Fri February 1
Travis Scrimshaw (University of Queensland, Australia)
Multiline Queues With Spectral Parameters
February 7
Peter Bonventre (University of Kentucky)
Symmetric Monoidal Mackey Functors
February 14
no seminar (colloquium)
February 21
Alexander Neshitov (University of Southern California)
Fibrant Resolutions of Motivic Thom Spectra
February 28
Jeremy Hahn (MIT)
March 7
March 14
March 21
no classes
March 28
Peter Brooksbank (Bucknell University)
April 4
April 11
April 18
Ruijie Yang (Stony Brook University, SUNY)
April 25
Florian Frick (Carnegie Mellon University)
May 2
Lee Kennard (Syracuse University)