Kir Kuiken

Associate Professor
Department of English

Kir KuikenHumanities 320
(518) 442-4055

Ph.D. University of California, Irvine


Research areas: Romantic Literature and Culture, 19th-century British Literature, Literary Theory, Contemporary Continental Philosophy and Political Theory

Professor Kuiken is the author of Imagined Sovereignties: Toward a New Political Romanticism (Fordham University Press, 2014), a book which argues that Romantic era authors reconceived not just the nature of the aesthetic imagination, but also the conditions in which a specific form of political sovereignty could be realized through it. He has published articles on critical theory, including essays on Deleuze, Derrida, Heidegger, Benjamin and Nancy, as well as essays on Romantic era authors such as Wordsworth, Shelley and Goethe. He is currently working on two new book projects. The first deals with the question of how Romanticism becomes a crucial resource for contemporary political and critical theories that attempt to rethink political ontology. The second, co-authored with Branka Arsic, explores representations of the Haitian Revolution of 1804 from the nineteenth century to the present, focusing on how these representations challenged European conceptions of the sovereign subject.