Program in Journalism

The Journalism Program attracts students with all kinds of career goals interested in improving their writing through practice and feed-back, learning to think more precisely and critically, and becoming more aware of world events, politics, the environment and life around them. The Program offers courses in nonfiction writing, media analysis and production, as well as the history and global context of journalism in the 21st Century. Program workshops are practical and down-to-earth, concentrating on writing and editing and telling stories with art and sound. Context courses cover legal, ethical, and business issues that today’s journalists contend with.

The Program's courses and internships prepare students for work as journalists, freelance writers, TV producers, broadcasters, webcasters, editors, magazine and book publishers, copy writers, and public advocates. It also provides excellent preparation for students looking for careers in law, government, history, educational policy, teaching, and research.

Our graduates turn up everywhere, in the Capital here in Albany, in graduate programs, on overseas adventures, and helping shape the futures in schools, banks, media outlets and sports stadiums nationwide. 

The Program has teamed with UAlbany’s Informatics, Documentary Studies and Women’s Studies department to insure that its students get hands-on experience not only writing print articles but designing and filling websites with content, filming, taping and photographing stories, and using spreadsheets and databases to report news. We encourage our students to take up serious study of foreign languages at UAlbany. And our internship program encourages students to get real-time experience at television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines, publishing houses, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and public relations firms.

Students may choose Journalism as either a major or minor. Undergraduates in all fields interested in the skills described here are welcome in all classes on a space-available basis. Journalism majors may apply for admission into the Honors Program.


2018 Journalism Prizes

Applications are sought for the 2018 Ronald R. Schafer Memorial Fund Scholarship and the William E. Rowley Award for Journalism. Details on our Awards & Prizes page.

The 2017 winner  -- and that is definitely singular -- was clear almost from the start. Stefan Lembo-Stolba had an exceptional year editing the Albany Student Press, pushing there for more investigative reporting and strong writing and penning himself an examination of the university's EOP program. Lembo-Stolba took the two top prizes handed out by the Program and was invited to be the 2017 student Commencement speaker.
-- Rosemary Armao, for the Journalism Program Faculty


Stefan S. Lembo-Stolba

2017 winner of the Ronald R. Schafer Memorial Fund Scholarship
2017 winner of the William E. Rowley
Award for Journalism
Robert Lepelstat
2017 Honorable Mention for the William E. Rowley Award for Journalism

To learn more about these awards go to our Awards & Prizes page.