Wireless Network


The University's wireless network (UAlbanyWiFi) provides encrypted, secure access to the Internet for students, faculty and staff on all three campuses. All networks are provided and maintained exclusively for the University community. Access to the UA Guest network is available for visitors who are sponsored by a faculty/staff member. The University at Albany is a participating Eduroam campus. Visitors from other Eduroam institutions may access the University's wireless network using credentials from their home institution.

Wireless networks should not be used to transmit sensitive information. Signals are subject to interference from other electronic equipment, and may be adversely affected by large numbers of concurrent users. While wireless is available in most teaching spaces, all Registrar-scheduled classrooms have fixed equipment to ensure that accessible technology is available for courses.

Wireless is widely available in academic areas across all three campuses, although there remain spaces with weak or limited access.  ITS is working to continue improving this critical service.



  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Guests

Service Availability

24 x 7

Pricing Information

There is no charge to use the service but there may be charges associated with the installation of wireless access points.