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A wiki is a website that allows multiple users to add and edit content. Wiki spaces are intended to support University-related activities and are available upon request to faculty/staff.

Instructional wikis that supplement courses are accessible only to professors, teaching assistants and students enrolled in the course(s). These are set to expire at the end of each semester. Faculty who wish to use course-related wikis for longer periods of time should review the section below on Student Consent to Use Wiki Contributions.

Student organizations may use wikis if they have a member of the faculty/staff to sponsor and serve as the primary owner of the space.

Student Consent to Use Wiki Contributions

Faculty who wish to reuse content from a UAlbany-hosted wiki space developed previously, or to continue development from semester to semester, must secure permission from students who have contributed to the wiki. Each student must submit a signed, notarized copy of the Student Consent to Release Information before the space can be made available. The content of any student who does not complete the form or declines to have their content reused must be deleted before the space can be released. Notarized consent forms must be retained by the academic department and the professor for future reference. For more information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and this consent requirement, see the Release of Student Information section of the Undergraduate Bulletin.



  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students may obtain a wiki by identifying a faculty/staff member to serve as the space owner.

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