On Campus Jobs
Employment on the University at Albany campus for F-1 Students

•One of the most commonly asked questions from international students is, “Can I work on campus?”

•The answer is that “if you are an F-1 student in good academic standing, taking a full course of study, yes, you may work on campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week when school is in session (Fall and Spring semester), and full time* during the university official breaks including the annual summer vacation.”

*Certain positions on campus are limited to 25 hours per week per University policy, including during the summer

•The next question, “Where can I find a job on the Albany campus?” is more difficult to answer:

First, the Office of Human Resources Management has added a Student Employment Opportunities link as a resource for students. This page currently provides links to major campus student employers such as Athletics, Chartwells, the University Libraries and the University Bookstore, as well as other offices coordinating student opportunities, such as Career Services and Financial Aid (Work-study). A summary of departments who have employed students during the previous year is also included.

Second, Career Services, which is adjacent to the International Education office, sometimes has part-time employment listings, some of which are campus-based jobs, but their main focus is on preparing graduating students for a career search. As you begin to look for on-campus employment, you should check with that office to see if there might be some job listings that would be possibilities for you.

Do not expect to get rich with an on-campus job! Salaries are usually at the minimum wage or just above. Also, jobs can be physically demanding and may deplete the energy that you might need for your studies. Before you begin looking for a job on-campus, put together a summary of your work experience or a short resume. You may also wish to compose a letter of introduction which expresses an interest in any positions that might be available.

Offices that have secretarial, clerical or other office work positions will be interested in people who have word processing and database management skills, and who are well-organized and hard-working. Sometimes jobs are routine, so do not expect to find something that will fulfill all of your needs, in addition to your financial needs.

Since there are more available workers than jobs, employers do not have to advertise widely before hiring. Be a self starter! Ask the directors of offices if they have openings, rather than waiting until a job is advertised.

Any questions about employment eligibility should be directed to International Student & Scholar Services. While F-1 students do not need special permission to work on campus, the rules for J-1’s and other visa classifications are different. Don’t work without authorization!

Driving in the United States

If you have a valid driver's license from another nation, you do not necessarily need a NYS driver's license. View our information for drivers from other nations, as well as information on how to apply for a NYS license, here.

Obtaining an SSN

Students who are being paid for authorized employment must obtain a Social Security Number.  More information on what is needed is available, here.


Students looking for scholarships may wish to view UAlbany Alumni Association Scholarships page,

here. Additional scholarship information is available, here.